Friday, December 19, 2008

Grameen Phone FNF

Pre Paid:

SMILE customers will enjoy great Friends & Family rates through which they can talk at only Tk 0.25 per minute and SMS at only Tk 1 to 3 Friends & Family number.

F&F Procedures:


SMS Format

Send To





Old No New No


To View

F&F or FnF


F&F numbers can be changed every 30 days (Applicable for Smile, Djuice & Xplore Subscribers)

Post Paid:

Friends & Family

You can select four (4) Friends & Family (F&F) number to talk at a lower rate. The tariff for F&F numbers is Tk.0.25/min only. The SMS rate to your F&F numbers is Tk.0.50/SMS only. The F&F activation process is through SMS and requires 72 hours after request.

You can set three GP number as your F&F number following these steps--

Activation of F&F numbers

GO to MESSAGE options, Type your desired F&F numbers (separate more than one numbers with space) and send to 2800

Retrieve Stored F&F numbers

GO to MESSAGE options, Type FF and send to 2800. The return SMS will show the stored F&F numbers

Change old F&F number

GO to MESSAGE options, Type your old number first new number and send to 2800.