Saturday, December 20, 2008

GP Balance Transfer

Step 1: Register the Number

Registering for “Balance Transfer” is easy, simply type “Regi” in the message box and send an SMS to the number 1000. You will receive a 4-digit PIN number by return message, save this number for future reference and use.

step 2: Start to transfer funds

To transfer balance, go to the message option, write “Btr”, leave a blank space, then enter the PIN number, leave a blank space, enter the recipient’s GP pre-paid number followed by an empty space and finally the amount of money to be transferred. Send the SMS to the number 1000. In return message, both the sender and receiver will get confirmation messages along with their respective balance amounts.

How to transfer balance:

Balance Transfer


  1. It's easy and simple. Thanks a lot.

  2. How do I get btr pin if I forget it?

  3. How do i get btr pin if forget it?

  4. Gp ti gp balance transfer code forgot